February/March 2014 BOM


This block will be made in February to bring to the March meeting.

I know this post is way early, but with the big, snowy day we are having I thought you might want to get a head start and make lots of these fun blocks.  This block looks a lot harder than it really is.  It seriously took me maybe 15 minutes to make–and I was going slowly and taking pictures.  It is called Delectable Mountain and there are several ways you can lay this block out to achieve different looks.  This process will actually make two of the blocks that will end up being a little taller than they are wide.

We will be using two fabrics:

1.  a white or cream that is either solid or reads as a solid.

2.  a medium to dark print or solid.

You will need to cut an 8 1/2″ square from each of your fabrics


It is hard to see in the photo below, but you will carefully draw a diagonal line on the back of the neutral fabric.  (I was so excited to do this picture.  I actually photoshopped my first picture for the blog.)


Then stitch 1/4″ on each side of the line.  (We’ve used this method before.)


Cut the piece in half along the drawn line between the seams


Press seams toward the dark fabric


Trim up the squares to exactly 8″ both ways


Place the squares right sides together with the dark fabric opposite the neutral fabric.  Try to nest the seams together, but it is most important that they are lined up exactly on the sides.


Now for the fun part!  Using your ruler and rotary cutter, cut the layered square into 2 inch segments.


When you turn the top pieces over this is what you will have


Now just rearrange the pieces.  Basically if you number each of the segments 1-4 from the left, 1 will switch places with 4 and 2 will switch places with 3.  Do this for both of the squares.


Sew the pieces together the way they are now laid out.  They will look like this.


And voila!  You have 2 Delectable Mountain blocks–one going up and one going down.

Enjoy and stay safe and warm!



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