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El’s Kitchen #2


This is El’s Kitchen #2 (Carol’s quilt)

The real challenge with this quilt was to be sure the quilting was different but with the same quality.  A couple of the blocks just couldn’t be changed much at all but most of them were open for alternate quilting designs.  Here are the blocks, see what you think.

DSCN0787c DSCN0785c

DSCN0784c DSCN0781c

DSCN0780c DSCN0779c

DSCN0778c DSCN0777c

DSCN0776c DSCN0774c

DSCN0771c DSCN0769c DSCN0768c

Here is a pic of the quilt itself–it is huge and we weren’t able to get the whole thing with the borders too, but I have some pics of the borders too.


The center basket block was challenging, so instead of straight lines in the background I used little wiggly lines.  I like how it turned out.


The outer corners of the setting for the basket were feathered like El’s Kitchen #1 (June’s quilt) but the spines are shaped differently.  I LOVE doing freehand feathers!

DSCN0782c DSCN0772c


Now for the borders!  I was thinking about how to do these long before I finished June’s quilt.  If you remember I did piano keys on it and loved how it looked, but didn’t want to do the same thing on Carol’s.  So here is the result!

DSCN0790c DSCN0745c DSCN0744c

I LOVE the borders!  I think Carol does too.

A big thank you to both June and Carol for allowing me to work on their quilts.  The workmanship of both quilts made them easy to work with.

El’s Kitchen #1


It took almost two weeks but I finally finished this quilt for a customer!  I enjoyed the challenge and creativity.  The quilt is 94″ x 94″ so it was difficult to get a full picture of it.

El's Kitchen1

Isn’t it pretty?

So the background behind the basket is double cross hatching while the border and the basket were quilted with a continuous curve in the white triangles.

Cherry Basket

I quilted feathers around the outside of the basket border.


I used simple piano keys on the appliqued border


I’ll show you a few of the blocks

Turkey in the Straw Turkey in the Straw Close up

Sugar Cone My Mothers Apron

Pork and Beans Pork and Beans close up

Memory Fruit Memory Fruit Close up

Crab Apple Broken Dishes

Now to go load El’s Kitchen #2!