El’s Kitchen #1


It took almost two weeks but I finally finished this quilt for a customer!  I enjoyed the challenge and creativity.  The quilt is 94″ x 94″ so it was difficult to get a full picture of it.

El's Kitchen1

Isn’t it pretty?

So the background behind the basket is double cross hatching while the border and the basket were quilted with a continuous curve in the white triangles.

Cherry Basket

I quilted feathers around the outside of the basket border.


I used simple piano keys on the appliqued border


I’ll show you a few of the blocks

Turkey in the Straw Turkey in the Straw Close up

Sugar Cone My Mothers Apron

Pork and Beans Pork and Beans close up

Memory Fruit Memory Fruit Close up

Crab Apple Broken Dishes

Now to go load El’s Kitchen #2!

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