Ladies, Start Your Sewing Machines!


Tomorrow at 8:00 am the first block for the quilt along will be posted.  I plan to have them posted at 8:00am every other Wednesday.

As I have mentioned before each block will be made twice.  If you are doing a two color quilt like I am then each of the blocks will be opposites.  So if the first one is predominantly red with blue accents, the second will be predominantly blue with red accents.

None of the blocks are hard, but they will require some accuracy.  Please do not skip trimming the units before putting them into the blocks.  For half square triangles (HST) I usually make my initial pieces a little larger than needed and then trim them down.  I have found this will typically give me very accurate pieces.  If you are not sure that your seams are 1/4″ I have some tips here: .

Also, I have worked out the yardage with very little waste.  That means you will be using the strips you cut for the first block in subsequent blocks.  If I cut a 4″ strip and have some leftover I put it in a sandwich bag and label it 4″.  Also, I may have you cut a strip bigger than what you need only to trim it down.  Eventually you will need that bigger size, so don’t trim down the whole strip–cut your pieces off first and then trim them down to the designated size.

I can’t wait to see how yours turn out!  When you finish your blocks each time you can email them to me at .  (replace the xxxx with 7616 for the correct email address–trying to avoid more spam.)  When I receive your pictures I will post them on this site.

Please comment below if you don’t understand anything I stated on this post.  If you don’t understand what I mean, I’m sure you won’t be the only one.  Thanks!




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