January BOM – Quilts of Valor project


We had a great response to the Quilts of Valor project last night!  We had 39 block kits made up and every one of them were signed out.  If you were not at the meeting or didn’t get a block kit, you can still participate!  You can still make a set of blocks (or more) out of your fabric (red, white & blue please) to bring to the January meeting.


We would like to make a couple of quilt tops for Quilts of Valor at the January meeting.  The first one will be made from our block kits and we are hoping to get enough scrappy blocks to make at least another quilt top.

So, on to the tutorial.

Here are the pieces that were in your block kits


With this kit you will make two blocks.  They are made up of simple 4 patches.

DSCN0261          DSCN0262

When they are finished they will look like this


In the block on the right the arrangement of the red and blue squares are not important.

The final quilt will be laid out in one of the following ways.

QOV2          QOV1

If you would prefer to print out the block layouts they are here

QOV block 2          QOV block 1


AND look what Sherry Foster did!!  She typed up step-by-step directions for making the blocks.  Sherry, you are awesome!

(click the link below to open the file)


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